About Us


Who We Are

Flexiflow Apparel is created by two girls living in a city, yet long to stay in the wild; sports enthusiasts that are forced to sit in office all day, yet always being joyful about the chance to workout a bit, stretch their bodies a bit, sweat a bit. 

How We Got Here

We run in the rain, yoga under the sun, sweat out in gym, right out from office! So we figure, why not create a brand that allows us to flow seamlessly from office, to yoga studio or gym, and then to the street. We are inspired to create athleisure apparels that integrate athletics with aesthetics.

Flow With Style & Quality

We know what our audience, city athletics, want – quality apparel with a tailored fit, encompassing functions catered for every modern needs. We seek to partner with factories that adhere to strict safety and efficacy guidelines, so we could make the products we love, in a way that we feel good about.

Be Great

We enjoy being the better version of us, so our feminine & stylish designs are meant to make you feel good, to confidently do the things you love, to embrace each sweating moment, to flow with how life is presenting itself at the moment. 

Our collections are created with motivation in mind and we wish to complement your everyday wardrobe with Flexiflow Apparel。 

Our Partners